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Windows 10 - Retrospect will not open when placed in Startup Folder

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I am using Retrospect 15.6 on a windows 10 machine. Retrospect will not open when placed in the startup folder.

Also if I double click the Retrospect icon on the desktop after having the program open and closed a couple of times Retrospect Dashboard opens instead of Retrospect 15.6

Has anyone experienced either of these and any suggestions to a fix.


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To save time, the most efficient thing to do is simply open the Dashboard first every time.  As long as a job isn't in progress you can then click the power icon in the top right corner of the Dashboard window to launch the Retrospect program itself. Unless you're making quite frequent changes to the configuration there shouldn't be a reason to have the program open. Since Retrospect runs a couple of services it usually will not start when you try to launch it directly.  If you stop both services first you'll be able to launch the program directly.

Try putting the Dashboard in the startup folder instead.  I haven't tried that, but it should work.

I fully understand that this is a PITA but this is simply the easiest path to solve your problem.


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Windows 10 doesn't reliably pay attention to the startup folder anymore.

Instead: use task scheduler to open apps when you log in. Works like a charm.

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