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Restrospect 16 Desktop Advantages?

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I just recently got the Retrospect 16 announcement and can't help but wonder what advantages, if any, it has for the lowly user of the Desktop/Professional version?

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I'm sure they keep advancing the technology to address new storage options, and there are always bug fixes and performance enhancements. This is what has changed.


As a dealer, I've been using 16 for a week now, and to be diplomatic about this, I think you should wait about three months and come back and ask your question again.  It's still pretty green.

As with most other software vendors, installing point upgrades is usually beneficial.  In other words from 15.1 to 15.2 or 15.3, etc.  Major version upgrades are usually a complete recompile of the entire program and unless you have a tolerance for pain or really want the bleeding edge tech, as an early adopter you may be chasing bugs for a while.

From a high-level view, you should always pay the ASM, even if it hurts.  I know from this forum that there are people who are still on very obsolete versions of Retrospect who don't see the point. But from an industry standpoint, the ASM fees (or whatever maintenance fees are called for other products) are an investment in supporting the company so it will be around years from now. They aren't getting rich on that money, it's what keeps them in business and allows them to push forward on technology and remain competitive so they get new sales and gain market share.

End of lecture. But my advice for today is hold of on installing Version 16 for several weeks, then go for it.

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Nobody on these Forums works for Retrospect Inc., so you're not going to get the Sales view—which is probably what you wanted to avoid.  Your last post before Thursday stated you were using Retrospect Windows 12, with 2 "clients" and a "backup server" machine in Silver Spring MD, so we can assume you don't need Remote Backup or GDPR compliance.  However we don't know whether yours is a family-centered installation or a small business, or whether you backup to a cloud destination.

We have no idea whether you ever installed Retrospect Windows 15, so we don't know whether you use the E-Mail Protection feature.  We also don't know if you use Proactive backup, which was greatly modernized (as BackupBot or ProactiveAI) in version 15.  If you ever installed Retrospect Windows 15, I hope you've upgraded it to—because 15.5 and 15.6.0 were "bad releases" that disabled existing features.

Proceeding to Retrospect Windows 16.0, I'll assume you have full access to the "backup server" machine—so you are likely not plagued by the Windows inter-process security restrictions that motivated the development of the Web-based Management Console with its Add-On that allows Shared Scripts.  Even if you do use Proactive backup scripts, I doubt you have so many of them that you need Storage Groups.  The same is likely to be true for Deployment Tools.

My recent experience with the Dashboard in Retrospect Mac (which I only upgraded to in early January 2019) indicates that—unless the Retrospect Inc. engineers fixed several glaring bugs in existing and new panes in time for 16.0 while ignoring my Support Case about them—the Dashboard-derived Management Console is "not ready for prime time".  So I second mbennett's diplomatic suggestion that you wait for Retrospect Windows 16.1, which past practices indicate will be released in mid-May 2019. B)

I think your OP question reflects my impression that Retrospect Inc. Product Management has adopted a "go big or go home" strategy for the last two major releases.  Your installation may not fit into that strategy; mine certainly doesn't. ;)


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