I'm running Retrospect 15.6.1 on a Windows 10 Pro 64 system.  I use Always Excluded Selector for all the different types of files that I want to exclude from any backup script. Here is the relevant part. The issue here is with the name System Volume Information folder.   I use this Always Excluded selector for 7 different backup scripts for 5 different backup sets covering Windows 4 drives C-F.  For 7 days now, my MEDIA script does back up a 50 GB file contained in the System Volume Information folder.  None of the other scripts back up this folder.  I can't figure out how to stop my MEDIA script from backing up this folder.  It appears that every day, there is a different 50 GB backed up. I thought something might be wrong with the drive, so I reformatted the drive, and then ran the MEDIA script on the now empty drive. Windows never displays this System Volume Information folder.  If you use a cmd window, the system shows this directory as empty even though it does contain files. However, the Session Report for the most recent MEDIA script does show files in this folder. So what can I do to stop MEDIA script from including files in this System Volume Information folder?  It's a big waste of time and disk space.  Again, No other script backs up this folder on Drive C, D, or F, and no other Always Excluded files are backed up by this script or any other script. I believe I can do selective grooming to recover the 350 GB wasted on these files, but that's not a real answer. Very frustrated at this point.  In a few days, I will post how apparent bugs in Selector Include definitions have caused a bunch of my scripts to stop working properly when I upgraded from Retrospect 12 to 15.6.   x509