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Limit Network Scan to IP range.

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Is it possible to tell Retrospect to only poll a specific IP or a range of IP addresses to backup?  I would like to try only backing up the computer when it is connected to the built-in ethernet port and avoid backing up over wifi to reduce traffic there.  Or can I tell the client plist file to hard code a specific IP address.


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I'm not a networking expert, since I only have a couple of "client" machines connected by their Ethernet ports to my wired LAN—I don't use WiFi.  However, based on a few minutes of reading Galen Gruman's Mac OS X Lion Bible, it looks as if you can separately specify a Mac "client"'s WiFi address from its wired Ethernet address.  This would mean that you would have to designate, probably on your router, a separate range of IP addresses that your LAN WiFi would be limited to assigning.  You would then, for each "client" Mac, go into its System Preferences->Network and designate a unique fixed IP address that would be used for the "client" machine when it is connected to the Ethernet adapter—an address which would not be in the permissible IP range for WiFi addresses.  Once  you've done this, you would have to Delete each Client Source from your backup server" Console and re-Add it with its specified Ethernet IP address—and then re-Add those "client" machines back to each of your scripts.

If you have Windows "client" machines, yes—I've heard of that OS.  In fact I had a Windows 95 desktop "client", forced on me by my employer, on my home LAN from 2001-2004—when I got laid off and returned the Windows machine (being careful to wash my hands afterwards ;) ).  While I had it on my home LAN, I backed up that Windows "client" with Retrospect Mac 6.  Maybe the two-platform-expert Swedish administrator Lennart_T can tell you what the Windows equivalent of System Preferences->Network is.

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Added 2nd prgf. with discussion—or rather non-discussion—of Windows "clients"

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