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2019 Defer Issue

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We have released a patch that users of Retrospect 14 and earlier can use if backups incorrectly show a deferred status.


You will install a new Retrospect console and continue to use your earlier Retrospect Engine. This fixes the issue without purchasing an upgrade. 

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A couple of administrators running versions of Retrospect Mac older than 12.5 have reported on this Forum that their scripts have stopped running starting in January 2019.  So I have two questions:

  1. For versions of Retrospect Mac older than 12.5, is it true—as the Knowledge Base article states—that "This issue is cosmetic. It does not affect Retrospect’s backups."?
  2. If it isn't true, can those administrators upgrade to Retrospect Mac 12.5 for less than the price of upgrading to Retrospect Mac 15.6.1?

P.S.: I've submitted a Support Case proposing that the answer to Question 2 above be Yes.  Tech Support marked that Case Closed.

Edited by DavidHertzberg
Added P.S. saying I've submitted a Support Case; T.S. Closed that Case

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