I noticed a couple of days ago that all my script executions scheduled after 1 January were showing in Activities as "Deferred".  I figured this was Retrospect Inc.'s New Year's gift to me, so I looked in the cumulative Retrospect Mac Release Notes.  Lo and behold, Under Console for there's "Activities: Fixed issue with scheduled activities showing up as "Deferred" (#7670)" .  As we all should know by now, was a "bad release"—so you'll want to download and install the "backup server" instead. I've done this and tested it.  It fixes the "Deferred" problem, but I've kept my Mac Client at 14.1.  That's because last summer, when—at the request of Retrospect engineering—I ran an extra-logging version of the 15.0 Engine and Client to see if they'd fixed my -530 bugs, that combination of versions actually made my -530 problems worse.  So I reverted to 14.6.0 for the Engine and 14.1 for the Client.  I should also point out that, at the suggestion of henry-in-florida, I've recently switched the Console Sources definition of my MacBook Pro's Client to using Subnet broadcast instead of Multicast.  That seems to have eliminated everything except -530 Bug 1, for which I developed a work-around nearly two years ago. For those who don't want to upgrade, here's an old post to the Mac 8 Forum that describes an alternate way to fix the problem.