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Nigel Smith

Outputting Reports *Usefully*

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RS reporting on the Mac's ConsoleĀ knocks spots off the Windows version. Particularly useful, I find, is the pre-rolled "No Backup in 7 Days".

It would be even more useful if I could take that report and use it to generateĀ emails to those affected users, including standard advice to restart their machine, plug in to the Ethernet rather use wireless, etc.

Anyone know of a way to extract that data from the report, ideally scriptable? I can kluge something together by printing it to PDF, using Acrobat to save as text, then parsing the resulting file for client names and matching them against our user databaseĀ -- but that amount of interaction means it won't get done very often...

Would it be worth investigating Data Hooks to achieve this? Can I access the Retrospect API from outside the Console/Dashboard?

We used to use the equivalent of today's script-hooks to send the summary of each backup directly into a database, and generate the emails from searching that, which could be another option.

Anybody doing something similar, before I reinvent this particular wheel?

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