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I am the Backup

printing the content of a media set

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Not that I'm aware off.

A Media set typically contains hundreds of thousands of files. You would have to print thousands of pages.

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There's a way... but you won't want to use it.

  1. Start a Restore job and select the "Search for files..." option, "Continue"
  2. Leave the search as the default "Any" and a blank filename field, select the set your want to print, "Continue"
  3. Select a restore destination (don't worry about disk space, you won't be restoring), "Continue"
  4. After Retrospect has finished searching the sessions, click the little "Preview" button alongside the set details
  5. Go through the preview list and click on every disclosure triangle which might have contents you want to print out
  6. Select "Print..." from the File menu
  7. <recommended>Cancel the job once you grok the number of pages...

Even for a subset of files (I've done it for someone who thought "the name might include 'December' or something") it's a horrible job.

What are you trying to achieve, and why? There may be another way. For example, if you want a hard copy of the files backed up from a client you can:

  1. Go to "Past Backups"
  2. Find the client's most recent backup and click the "Browse" button associated with that
  3. Make sure the "Only show files..." box is not checked
  4. Click "Save..."

...and you'll get a CSV file that you can further process and/or print. You could do that for each client in the backup set, which may be both quicker than the above and closer to what you actually require.


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