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Argh: crucial help needed for disaster recovery

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I'm getting an error similar to what was reported here ...

BUT I'm on Retrospect Desktop 15, latest version across the board.

- I'm doing a bare metal restore of the boot drive (a small SSD with C drive and whatever other system partitions Win10 uses)

Ignoring other bugs and missing docs for the moment, here's what has me stumped:
- My catalog files (rather important) are in a partition on a second (RAID 1, Intel RST drivers) drive, which actually has two partitions. for now they are D and E drives
- I set up the restore and told it to start. I immediately got a warning:


   WARNING: All data will be lost on the following volumes
   (and then it listed info for my D and E drives)

Why in the world would it wipe those partitions on a separate disk?
Any idea how to work around this? Obviously I don't want those drives wiped! (4TB of valuable files...)


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I've solved all of these issues, and succeeded in restoring. MANY lessons learned. I'm creating a new writeup to provide additional info on bare metal restore setup, management and implementation...

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