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New NAS, trouble recognising duplicate files

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Hi all,

The situation is this: we've been working off a Synology NAS for the last few years. I have a Retrospect 12 script set to crawl over the NAS nightly and back up new and changed files to LTO. Due to bottlenecking I have added a QNAP NAS to the mix and copied key projects from the Synology NAS to the QNAP. The paths are the same but the volume names are different. Both NAS's are on the local network and mapped as shared drives to the PC running Retrospect.

The issue (unsurprisingly) is when I add the QNAP drive to the script Retrospect identified most or all of the volume as new or changed files. We're talking about 10TB of data here so I'd like to avoid this if at all possible. 

Some digging around the forum has found users in a similar situation that solved the problem by unticking the Security options and the Macintosh/Client/Use attribute modification date... option. I've tried some and all of these in varying combinations with no luck.

Any ideas? I'm thinking I might just have to apply a blanket 'Ignore all files created before x date' rule to the QNAP to only scoop up changed and worked on files.



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The QNAP NAS is a new Source to Retrospect which it has never seen before so will try to do a backup of all the files it finds there regardless of whether you think Retrospect has seen them before.

The reasons are covered in more detail elsewhere on the forum but in short, without doing a byte-by-byte comparison of the files which Retrospect does not do, Retrospect has no way of knowing if a file now on QNAP is the exact same file that was on the Synology.

Once the first full backup of the QNAP NAS is complete normal operations should resume. 

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A belatedly late thanks for the reply. I've just thrown the blanket 'Ignore before x date' condition on the script and that seems to work fine. There's a few other backup strategies in place aside from Retrospect so not too worried about any files falling through the cracks.

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