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Why is UEFI System partition backed up for Retrospect Server but not LAN client

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While doing the Grooming operation that Scillonian recommended to me recently, my Win 10 Pro system blue-screened (very rare) such that the backup set was corrupted.  So I deleted it and restarted the PROGRAMS script with a fresh copy of the dataset.

LAN client APH was the first sytem to be backed up.


Retrospect Server APH was the second system to be backed up.  Note that here, the UEFI system partition was also backed up, but was not backed up for client APH.


Do I need to change any configuration parameters?  I assume that without UEFI System partition being backed up, I could not do a full restore of the client.  Is this correct?




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As far as I know the information stored in the (U)EFI System Partition (ESP) is backed-up as part of System State which is included in the Copying VSS writer files entry for the Client.

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