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Add Option to Groom Scripts to Choose Grooming Type

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Add the option to Groom script settings to choose the grooming type to use — i.e. Performance-optimized grooming or Storage-optimized grooming — so as to override the default setting in the Backup Set properties.

The use case I see is where the default option in the Backup Set properties is Performance-optimized grooming. Auto-grooming during backup script execution with Performance-optimized grooming set will over time leave a large amount of redundant file debris reducing the amount of available free space. Eventually a Storage-optimized grooming run will be required to reclaim the space occupied by the redundant file debris.

Currently when running a Groom script you need to remember to change the grooming setting in the Backup Set properties before running the Groom script and then revert it after the Groom script has run. Making this option available will allow the chosen default groom option to be left unchanged in the Backup Set properties and overridden as required on a per Groom script basis.

Would anyone else like this option to be made available?

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