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The first thing that's going on here, Lindsay Robertson, is that you've asked a Retrospect Macintosh question on a Retrospect Windows forum.  However we are very forgiving here, so I'll take a shot—even though I have the lowly Desktop Edition that doesn't allow remote Consoles.

According to "Starting and Stopping the Retrospect Console" on pages 15-17 of the Retrospect Mac 15 User's Guide, "If a local Retrospect engine is not present, you may add one or more remote Retrospect engines by clicking the plus (+) button in the bottom bar of the console."

"Tip: In the Server Address of the resulting dialog, you may enter the IP address of the machine with the running Retrospect engine, or, if the machine is on your local subnet, you may enter its Computer Name, for example, Server.local. You can find a machine’s Computer Name in the Sharing category of its System Preferences."  Have your server's license code at the ready, and follow the rest of the instructions.

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Yeah sorry, i realised that, after I'd posted it, but couldn't see a way to remove the post. I've reposted in the OSX forum.

I've already been through the install and setup procedure. The Remote console is connected and it behaves exactly like the actual console, except for this one, very handy, page.


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