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What is lvtrTreeFixup?

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Can anyone tell me what the following lines mean?  I see these in logs from some backups, but not others.  We are using Retrospect multiserver V15 for Windows

        [*]             3/27/2018 9:39:11 AM: lvtrTreeFixup
        [*]             3/27/2018 9:39:11 AM: lvtrTreeFixup: TExclude
        [*]             3/27/2018 9:44:20 AM: lvtrTreeFixup: TSetFlagsFromRsrc T_IGNOREMISCOMPARE
        [*]             3/27/2018 9:47:26 AM: lvtrTreeFixup: Finished

Also this

        [*]             3/27/2018 6:03:04 AM: lvtrRescan: FSSGetChangeTree
        [*]             3/27/2018 6:03:08 AM: lvtrRescan: TAppendCB
        [*]             3/27/2018 6:07:33 AM: lvtrRescan: T1CompareCB
        [*]             3/27/2018 6:11:11 AM: lvtrRescan: T1Compare
        [*]             3/27/2018 6:11:11 AM: lvtrRescan: TMatchRemove
        [*]             3/27/2018 6:11:11 AM: lvtrRescan: FSSSetChangeTree
        [*]             3/27/2018 6:11:13 AM: lvtrRescan: FSSSetChangeTree Finished



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s_federici reported one mention of lvtrTreeFixup in a log back in 2007.  There were three other mentions of objects (?; my C++ is rusty) named "lvtr..." in the log, including one of lvtrRescan.  There was no response to that post, however.

If you have upgraded to Retrospect Windows 15,  I believe you still have at least a few days of free support left.  Why not ask Retrospect Tech Support?

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