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How do I adjust backup scripts to accommodate renaming of destination locations?

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I am very happy to report that the catalogue rebuild ran without any problems this time. It also took only about 5 mins instead of 1 hour. The location of 1-Backup Set NAS1(e) is now shown correctly in Member Properties and my normal backup script has just successfully updated the backup set on my primary NAS.

The original folder was almost certainly named correctly on my primary NAS before it crashed. My mistake several years ago was probably to have misnamed the folder on my backup NAS, so that I was replicating Backup Set NAS1(e) to a folder called Backup Set NAS1e.

Thanks again for your sharp eyes!  :)

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Every time a backup is run Retrospect will create a .session file, containing details of the files from that backup, in the same folder as the .rdb files. When Retrospect does a Catalog rebuild it will read these .session files for the necessary information which is faster than reading the individual.rdb files. If you need to perform a thorough rebuild it is necessary to delete the .session files. (During the rebuild the .session files will be recreated.)

This feature for faster Catalog rebuilding was added in Retrospect 11 for Windows and Retrospect 13 for Macintosh.

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Interesting. The next time I hit a backup set member relocation problem I will check if a fast catalog rebuild using the session files would be sufficient to fix it.

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