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E-mail notification failed: error 592 (invalid response from SMTP server)

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I haven't been able to get email notifications from Retrospect lately. In my efforts to troubleshoot the problem, I changed "Networking" from 3 to 7 in Secret Preferences. The operations report has the following log entries: 

    performClientHandshake: begining handshake
    performClientHandshake: sending token received from InitializeSecurityContextW
    doClientHandshakeLoop: scRet error after InitializeSecurityContextW, 0x90320
    E-mail notification failed: error -592 (invalid response from SMTP server)

I can't find any information about what this means in Retrospect. I have found in some unrelated forums that error 0x90320 typically signifies an invalid Client Authentication certificate, but I do not know how that would apply to Retrospect.

I first started having problems when my ISP rolled out a new email server, and I was unable to send messages from any applications for more than a month. That has been resolved, except that I am still having trouble with Retrospect notifications. The only setting I have changed in Retrospect is the email password.

I am using Retrospect Desktop for Windows version, running on Windows 10. My outgoing mail server is set to smtp.windstream.net:465. I have checked the boxes for "My outgoing server requires authentication" and "My outgoing server supports SSL." These are consistent with the settings I use to send email from other email clients (Thunderbird, and my cell phone email). If I uncheck either of these options I get an error 519 (Network communication failed) when I try to send a test message.

I have tried contacting the ISP and they could not help. They claimed the problem had to be with Retrospect since other email clients are able to send messages.

Any suggestions on how to proceed from here with troubleshooting?


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The OP should try doing what this post in a 2015-2016 thread says, namely leaving the username and password fields blank. 

I should point out that, in the last post in that thread, that thread's OP says "The email stopped working for me.  I set up a free google account and it's able to send from the google account.  Probably the easiest workaround."  The next-to-last post, by the very knowledgeable Don Lee, says "FYI - tcpdump is your friend, if you want to "see" the exchange between the server and the server" and gives directions for doing so.

If the OP wants to know how I found that thread and several others about error -592, he/she can read the last paragraph in this post in a very recent thread about another Retrospect error code.

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