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Duplicate always erases all files first

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I have about 6TB of files that I need duplicated on a weekly basis to a remote location. I have a VPN setup and accessing the network drive is not a problem, it works great. 

The problem is that every time it starts I get a message saying "Finished deleting 150,000 unnecessary files and 200 unnecessary folders on destination" and the duplicate starts over. I am running Pro on Windows 10x64 and the destination computer is macOS Sierra with an external raid formatted to Mac OS Extended Journaled. 

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This could be because you are duplicating the files from the Windows NTFS file system to macOS HFS+ or APFS file system. There are attributes on NTFS which do not exist on HFS+/APFS that will have to be emulated such as file and folder security information. If you are only interested in the file contents and not the security information you could try disabling the duplication of the file and folder security information in the Duplicate script.

From the Duplicate script's Edit dialog select Options > Windows > Security and deselect the file and folder security options.

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