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AWS virtual tape library

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Does retrospect (I am running 11.5 multi-server for windows) support use of amazon's virtual tape library? Is there a howto on this somewhere if so?

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An interesting question, to which I don't know the answer.  Someone (I see now it was blm14) asked the same question about 2 years ago, but didn't get an answer.  However here is a list of iSCSI-interfaced VTLs which have been qualified to work with Retrospect Windows.

However another interesting question is whether blm14 should do this, assuming he/she can.  There is a non-trivial hardware cost associated with it, as described under "Storage Requirements: Tape gateway" here.  And what blm14 would be getting for that cost is "low-latency access to data through transparent local caching".   If I understand it correctly, that "transparent local caching" would be Amazon's tape gateway automatically deciding which files should be backed up onto local disk vs. backed up to the AWS cloud.   Certainly that would be less work for blm14's organization than managing a disk-to-disk-to-(virtual) tape backup system, in which the decision of which files would remain on local disk would be left up to the grooming strategy.  But would the organization really be served well, especially for less-than-catastrophic disaster recovery?

There is also the question of cloud storage cost associated with Amazon's VTL.  After an AWS S3 (and Google Cloud)-compatible cloud storage capability was introduced with Retrospect Windows 11, there was a distinct falling-off of interest after administrators discovered how much it would cost for a large installation to store data using it.  Not surprisingly, Retrospect Windows 12.0 added a Backblaze B2 capability with a storage cost less than 20% of that of Amazon's.  Moreover Retrospect Windows 12.5 certified Wasabi, a provider whose cloud storage costs are nearly as low as Backblaze B2's but which—unlike Backblaze B2—has API compatibility with AWS.  blm14 certainly couldn't use Amazon's VTL with Backblaze B2; I don't know whether he/she could use it with Wasabi.

P.S.: For those administrators who don't understand what blm14 is asking about, here is a video about the use of the Amazon VTL with another enterprise client-server backup application.  I found it as a reference in the LAN/WAN/Cloud subsection of DovidBenAvraham's added section of the Wikipedia "Backup" article.  My point in the second paragraph of this post about non-trivial hardware cost is briefly alluded to as "on-premise appliance" at minute:second 0:25 in the video.

P.P.S.: Here is a more-detailed YouTube video about the use of a third client-server backup application with the AWS Storage Gateway VTL.  If you look shortly after minute:second 3:50 in the video, you'll see it talks about an "unique inquiry string " that is coded into both this app and the one covered by the video in the preceding paragraph for use in the Medium Changer Type field of the Storage Gateway VTL.  I'd suggest that blm14 ask Retrospect Sales (they'll undoubtedly check with Tech Support) if this "inquiry string" is an option in the Retrospect "backup server"; if it is then he/she can use it, if not then probably not.

Edited by DavidHertzberg
Added link to Wikipedia article on Cloud storage gateway; added third prgf. on storage costs; it was blm14 who asked question two years ago; added P.S. linking to video about Amazon VTL; added P.P.S. linking to more-detailed video; refined link in P.S.

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