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Restore from Cloud Backup

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I have my backup going directly to google cloud nearline storage, we very rarely need to gather documents from the backup.  The problem is I would now like to get a document and every time I try to go to the backup and restore, it gives me an error and will not restore.  

The backup does go thru without any errors and all the files seems to be there for me to restore. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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It would probably help if you posted the log from the restore attempt. At the very least the error message and other relevant information.

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Hope this helps.  I have attached a log and hopefully the following error helps.


Here is part of the error:

    !Trouble reading: "5-Cloud Media Set" (302979821), error -1107 (read fault)
    !Error retrieving file: /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/RtrExec.dir/Exec/State/RtrPriv.Dat 1/10/18 2:05:35 AM (0), error -1 (unknown)
    State information not restored, can't access Snapshot
    1/15/18 3:29:14 PM: 9 execution errors
    Duration: 00:00:48 (00:00:30 idle/loading/preparing)


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kevin@premiercb.com might do well to read this Knowledge Base article.  Although it deals with restoring from Amazon Glacier instead of Google Cloud Nearline, it may have some relevance—since it deals with the same -1107 error.  I don't know what the Google Cloud (which is supposedly compatible with AWS S3) Nearline equivalent of Amazon Glacier's "perform 'Initiate Restore' on that set" is, but I'll bet Google Tech Support does know.  If he can get Retrospect Tech Support to talk to him, either because he is within the free 30/45 days of purchasing/trialing Retrospect Mac 14 or has paid for ASM, they may know too and be willing to tell him—or at least be willing to post an answer in this thread if he asks them to.

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Put last sentence into third person, for consistency with first sentence; Google Cloud is compatible with AWS S3; fixed typo

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