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Driver loading in Disaster Recovery

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The process for loading drivers in Disaster Recovery could be a little better explained.  I didn't see a statement that the drivers have to be 32 bit.  It makes sense in hindsight, but all my PCs run 64-bit Windows now, so I didn't think of it at first.

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rfajman would have done well to have looked at this Knowledge Base article, and also at this one.

It is unfortunate that Retrospect Inc. didn't either incorporate the material from those articles into pages 329-332 of the Retrospect Windows 12 User's Guide, or put links to those articles into the UG.  IMHO it is becoming a bad habit of the august documentation committee, which the head of Retrospect Tech Support has stated doesn't include anyone from his department, to create Knowledge Base articles filling in gaps in the UGs without attempting to update the UGs.  This thread in the Retrospect Mac 9+ forum shows, in its second post, that the august documentation committee has done even worse things recently.

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