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Cannot recatalog backups

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(Running Win 10 64 bit) I have several backup scripts. Each time I try to recreate any catalog file from disk backups, Retrospect 12.6.1 crashes without an error... just gone -- blink! A text appears stating, "Preparing to execute" and a few seconds later comes the crash. So after trying anything I could find here and via Google and, of course, reboots, I decided to simply wipe Retrospect and start over. I did that. Now I have a new problem: Each time I try to recatalog any backup and just after I press the "Save" button to save the new catalog file, The "Preparing to execute" displays and then I get a browse prompting me to "Select the next disk member to recatalog." Well there is no next disk member and I selected "No" to the question "Are there any more disks in this Backup Set?"

So what's going on here? I've never seen this behavior before and I have been using Retrospect since version 4. There is no way to continue on and let the system recatalog. This behavior started right after the reinstall. 

Problem two is the reason I want to rebuild the catalogs in the first place. Also a first for me: When I open the member properties and browse the disk to update the space information, I cannot then save the Member Properties. I get an erro as in the image below, "The disk has data from another set..." Well it can't be from another set so that messages is just wrong. But what is actually wrong?




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Second the motion. Starting another thread on the same issue didn't get you any meaningful results either. I've never seen this error and your situation is too complex for people on the forum to debug. Get on the horn with support. Good luck.

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Since the head of Retrospect Tech Support evidently deleted the post I made in this thread on why and how to submit a Support Case for a bug, JohnW should look at this post in a prior thread for the same information.  The worthy protector of the Forums has called that post "spam", but IMHO he really objects to the very relevant fifth paragraph for a reason you can all undoubtedly figure out for yourselves.

I agree with Lennart_T that JohnW should open a Support Case, but IMHO it should be two Support Cases for the two separate bugs.  I have not posted about opening a Support Case in the other thread he opened, but have instead devoted that thread to proposing a couple of workarounds for the second bug.  IMHO the second bug is a manifestation of JohnW's trying to do something no Retrospect administrator has done before, because only the recent advent of Big New Disks has made it possible for administrators to copy old Members and try to expand their size.  Therefore he needs a workaround for the second bug, because he shouldn't expect a quick fix.

As far as the crashing encountered in the first bug is concerned, it is worth considering Retrospect bug #6535—which the Release Notes say was fixed for Retrospect Windows 12.0.

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