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Problem with Retrospect 12: Can't backup.

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As a long term retrospect user I've just downloaded Retrospect 12 trial, prior to buying it for use on a Windows 10 PC. I have run my first backup successfully.  Now I need to back up another partition on this PC. I can't do it.

I press the backup button but nothing happens!

If I press the "Duplicate" or "Disaster Recovery Button" It does something.

What's wrong?

Windows 10 version 1703 OS build 15063.729


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OK, I've worked this one out.

I knew the answer from ages ago but forgot about it. It is one of the idiosyncrasies of Retrospect that it will sometimes open a window off screen. I don't know why, but it happens from time to time and it has done so for many versions, going back for years.

It can be easily adjusted by simply clicking WIndow>Arrange All.

Simple, but you have to realise what it's done first...irritating little wrinkle. 

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