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1TB Backup File Limit?

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First, this post by the very knowledgeable Lennart_T (formerly known as Lennart Thelander) says there is a 1TB limit on File Backup Sets.  They do exist, but they are a pre-Retrospect-Windows-8 facility you should not use; you should be using Disk Backup Sets instead.

Second, the "Scalable data protection" feature announcement for Retrospect Windows 12 says"Retrospect is now certified to back up 1 billion files per backup set, 100 TB of data per backup set, and 50 million files per device."

Edited by DavidHertzberg
Underlined "Disk" as preferred type of Backup Set
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I started using Retrospect well before Window 8, and at the time my license was limited to File Backup sets. But I'll look at switching over, thanks.

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