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Copying a retrospect hard disk backup

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One of my hard disc backup sets has grown beyond its drive. The previous backups still have value so I want to copy the set to a larger drive and continue with it.

The last time I had this problem I copied the drive partition with a partition manager. This didn't work because Retrospect didn't recognize the copied backup set. I seem to recall that the size of the drive matters.

Ok, so what is the right way to do this?


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From the top of my head (as I don't have Retrospect for Windows where I am at the moment):

(I assume you have already copied the backup set files (.rdb files etc) to their new location.)

Go to Configure and then Backup Sets.

Select the backup set in question.

Go to the pane Members. There should be a button the select the new location of the backup set files.

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Create a new Backupset on the new drive

Then transfer the snapshots from the old backupset to the new one, you have the choice of transferring the entire backupset, or just the latest or selected snapshots.

Update your scripts etc with the new BackupSet name.

The advantage of this approach is that the entire process is done under Retrospect’s, control with logging and reporting.

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