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Retrospect mixes up tapes from different media sets

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I'm running Retrospect 14.5.0 on a Mac Pro; 2 tape libraries are attached to it via Thunderbolt port - Atto Thunderlink SH2068 - SAS. One is a Quantum Scalar i40 with 2 LTO-4 drives, the other a Quantum Scalar i80 with 2 LTO-6 drives. I have several media sets, all are bound to either the LTO-4 or the LTO-6 drives.

It has now happened for the second time that Retrospect mixes up media set members between two media sets:


– Media Set "ZM-ServerT-C" is bound to the LTO-4 drives and has 4 members (LTO-4 tapes):  1-ZM-ServerT-C = tape No. 0056 .... 4-ZM-ServerT-C = 0063

– Media Set "IEU-ServerT-E" is bound to the LTO-6 drives and has 16 members (LTO-6 tapes): 1-IEU-ServerT-E = tape No. 1022 .....  16-IEU-ServerT-E = 1088 (you get the idea).


A few days ago, Retrospect suddenly complained that it needs the media set member "18-IEU-ServerT-E" and that this would be tape No. 0063 – but tape No. 0063 belongs to set ZM-ServerT-C! When I checked the media set ZM-ServerT-C, there no longer is a tape number for the member 4-ZM-ServerT-C (which used to be 0063).

So, tape number 0063 is now miraculously assigned to another media set (that is bound to a different tape drive), and tape 1088 appears nowhere...

See also screenshots.


Interestingly, when the backup scripts that use these two media sets are run, they actually want to write to the correct tapes, but they can only do so if these are in a tape drive. If the two tapes 0063 or 1088 are somewhere in their respective libraries, the backup script cannot find them - if I move a tape manually to a drive, the script will pick that up and start writing.



How can that happen? And, more important, how can I reverse this? And how can I prevent that from happening again?

I have already restarted the computer and both libraries, and tried switching back to an old Config80.dat file (about 1 week old), but to no avail.




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