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Retrospect 9.0.2 - Emails lost #date issue

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Here is a Strange one...


My emails have stopped arriving from Retrospect.

When I look at a Test email sent from Retrospect it says 5th January at 00:00 [no year]


When I check the Mac Server Retrospect is on, and my receiving Mac, and Email App, the dates are correct.


I have checked with the Data Centre on my VPS that hosts the email Account used and that is also correct.


Where might this date issue be coming from, and why cant I now see/receive emails from this one server.

[i expect the date is filing the email somewhere deep on my email App instead of at the top; I sort/read emails by date sent FYI]


Other Mac Servers with the same version of Retrospect are AOK.


Retrospect 9.0.2

OSX 10.10.5.latest



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I hate to say it, but the fix is likely to cost jrpsupport's installation some money (insert appropriate smiley here).  If he/she searches the Release Notes for a recent version of Retrospect Mac, under "" he/she will see the Fixed entry "Fix date and time in email header (#3961)".


This post by iCompute confirms that his bug was fixed in Retrospect Mac 10.5.  The preceding 16 posts in that thread discuss problems administrators were having with the bug in 2012-2013, and post #15 in that threat by Retrospect Inc.'s Director of Product Management says "Specifically regarding the standard Date: field in email header and therefore used by various email client software, the 3 issues above are fixed in the next free update.".  I don't know how jrpsupport's other Mac Server installations of the "backup server" have avoided having the problem thus far.

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Per the second paragraph of this post, jrpsupport can get a 45-day free trial of a newer version of Retrospect.  I don't know whether Retrospect Inc. would insist on selling him/her an upgrade to Retrospect Mac 14, or whether he/she could get a reduced price on an upgrade to Retrospect Mac 10—which would allow a free upgrade to Retrospect Mac 10.5 to get the #3961 bug fix.

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