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Hey Everyone—


I am wanting to create a rule for excluding render files and transcoded media from Final Cut Pro X. FCPX keeps these files inside event folders, which are themselves contained in Libraries, in folders called "Render Files" and Transcoded Media". So the hierarchy would look something like this:


My FCPX Library.fcpbundle

     My Event 1

          Original Media

          [some other files and folders]

          Render Files

          Transcoded Media

     My Event 2



I seem to be able to do 2 ALL conditions, one each to select Render or Transcode:


– Folder Mac Path Contains ".fcpbundle"

– Folder Name Contains "[Render Files/Transcoded Media]"


and I think that will work. But it seems clumsy to me. Is there a way to only list the parent folder path w/ ".fcpbundle" once, then the other 2 below it? IOW, the parent condition is an ALL and the 2 child conditions are ANYs? I need to match the parent condition for sure, and one of the children. I don't seem to be getting the Any/All popups to do that right. In this case, it isn't critical, but if I had more subfolders under the parent that I wanted to exclude/include, having to list the parent every time gets a bit tedious.


Suggestions? Am I doing it wrong?




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