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"backup client reserved" Mac v14.0

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jweisbin started a thread with the above Topic Title in the "Windows Products—Retrospect -> Professional" forum.  It says he/she is using "Retrospect 14.0 running on a Mac server (OS X 10.9.5 server)".  In the second paragraph of the OP he/she mentions "another backup client running - ChronoAgent"; in the last paragraph of my post #2 I note that ChronoAgent/ChronoSync seems only to be available for macOS and iOS.  IMHO he/she should have started the thread in this Forum, because it looks as if the client machine with the problem must also be running macOS.


Anyway the error message belongs to Retrospect error -505.  I used the Forums' Advanced Search feature to find threads concerning error -505, and they almost all seem to be about Mac or Linux clients.  I've already given jweisbin the benefits of my experience with that error, as well as a guess as to what might be causing that error for him/her, in post #2 in that thread.  If anyone has any further guidance to offer, please post it in that thread.  


P.S.: jweisbin has now posted that he started the thread linked-to in the first paragraph of this post in the wrong forum.  He/she has requested that the thread be moved, but IMHO that is unlikely to get done with Mayoff being so busy these days.  So—again—if any of you Retrospect Mac administrators have any guidance to offer on -505 errors, please post it in that thread.

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