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Start Retrospect Client via shell script

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I'd like to be able to turn on Retrospect Client via the Command Line. (We manage several Macs via Jamf Pro). Updating the client from the server often doesn't work.


I tried the command on this forum: http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/18743-retrospect-client-turn-off-and-on-by-script/ but I get: 


execution error: System Events got an error: Can’t get window 1 of process "Retrospect Client". Invalid index. (-1719)


The command isn't really what I want, I'd prefer something that does not disturb the user.


What I'd like is a bash script to turn on Retrospect Client if it is off.


Does anyone know how to do this?





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If I am understanding your request correctly you want to be able to turn on an already installed Mac Retrospect Client.


For the benefit of everyone I have encountered a similar need when pushing out to all our Macs an updated version of the Retrospect Client software. If you manually run the newer client installer on a Mac which already has an older version installed and turned on then normally after the update has completed it will auto start the newly updated version. However I was finding that when updating via Munki that it failed to start although it would auto start after a reboot, I therefore have found a command line means to do this and hopefully it will work for you. Munki would I feel be doing a similar job to JAMF in this case.


I run the following as a post-install script for Munki.

launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.retrospect.retroclient.plist

If anyone needs to, the reverse i.e. turning 'off' the Retrospect Client would be as follows.

launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.retrospect.retroclient.plist

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