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Don Lee

Error "-3045" stumps me

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I am backing up a laptop Windows 7 system with a Windows Retro 12 server.


Retro whines in the backup:

+Normal backup using Weekly_laptops at 5/12/2017 2:47 PM (Execution unit 2)

5/12/2017 2:47:54 PM: Finished scanning backup set data files
To Backup Set Weekly_Laptops...
[*] T-7: VssWSnapVolume: DoSnapshotSet failed, winerr -2147212513, error -3045
Can't use Open File Backup option for OS (C:) on PASTORS-NB, error -3045 (there is insufficient storage space to complete the operation)


I went to the Retrospect KB, and retrieved this:




However, I followed the directions, and there are three partitions, none of which called the "System Reserved" partition. There is a small (35 MB) unnamed partition, a "Recovery" partition, and the C: drive.


I tried "deleting the log" from the "recovery partition, but that did not fix the problem.


I presume that the registry (system state) failed to back up, which means that the "bare metal" restore would not work. This is something I need.


What's up with this? Can I fix it?

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