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TO ALL USERS: New feature proposal: Avoid redundant backup of renamed files.

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If you think the situation has changed WRT client-side deduplication that detects block-level duplicates across multiple clients, which Retrospect does for file-level duplicates, here is why and how to file a Support Case for the enhancement.  In your Support Case, please be sure to mention the backup software solution you used to use that did this.

You should be aware that Retrospect Inc. no longer sells a VMWare Add-On for Retrospect Windows.  Instead it sells a separate product, which I am only allowed by the head of Retrospect Technical Support to refer to as R. V..  That product, which runs at the VM Manager level, does not even have the concept of Client—as he has informed all of us through me .

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Thanks for the link. Makes total sense. When I get a few Round Tuits I'll assemble some info to make it easy. :)

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