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Hidden features added in Retrospect Windows 11

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Retrospect Windows 11 added a number of features that were documented in the "What's New" chapter of the Retrospect Windows 11 User's Guide.  These include Performance-Optimized Grooming—which has tradeoffs vs. Storage-Optimized Grooming, "Seeding" for Cloud Backup, and Large Scale Recovery from Cloud Backup.


Unfortunately the documentation for those features has disappeared from the Retrospect Windows 12 User's Guide, because the "What's New" chapter was entirely replaced without its prior contents having been moved to later chapters in the UG.  The documentation for basic adding/using/throttling Cloud Backup has also disappeared from the Retrospect Windows 12 User's Guide; however that documentation was incorporated at the end of several Knowledge Base articles grouped under here, and was also duplicated stand-alone into this Knowledge Base article.


These features are still available in Retrospect Windows 12, but you'll have to follow the links in the preceding paragraphs to learn about them.

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