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Backup-Set: Fehler -105 (unerwartetes Datenende) (german message)

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We have configured our backup in two phases:

First: Disk to Disk Backup

Second: Disk To Tape Backup (New Backup-Set, Copy the last Snaphot from each source)


We have a retention from 10 backups of each source on the disk Backup-Set.

Each week we groom the disk Backup-set.


Now, after some time we receive the following error from the disk Backupset:

- Geräteprobleme: "1-Disk", Fehler -105 (unerwartetes Datenende)


After this, the Backupset is no longer usable and has to be deleted (repair isn't possible).

The error can occure while backup or groom the Backup-Set.

The time between the crashes is between two and six month and cannot forced.



Retrospect runs on a Windows 7 pro with the latest updates installed.

The disk Backup-Set is located on a single disk (No Raid)

Multi Server Premium Version (64-Bit)


The error occurs since Retrospect 7.0 on different platforms (Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 R2 and now Windows 7 Pro)


Any ideas to improve the situation?

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