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Client access denied - Restart turns off Multi-cast port client (System Preferences)

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My client didn't run automatically because for some unknown reason, the Multi-cast shows as the port turned off after a normal restart and could not be re-enabled manually from the client's preferences. I had to do one of the following (chose the first one) to manually run a backup. Seems to happen whenever this laptop is taken away from the port used in a fixed set up on my LAN: 

  1. Direct access entry port assignment instead of Multi-cast. 
  2. Uninstall client and reinstall thereby re-opening the port. 
  3. Remove the client at the engine or Retro Server and reinstall it there. 

I cannot see a way to troubleshoot the cause further. If anyone has ideas on this forum, please advise. I consider the above no more than work-arounds to the actual problem. I believe this problem goes back a long, long while. However this is the first time it has reared it's ugly head in a while. 




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