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?unrepairable catalog

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I have one catalog file that continually reports error mid-operation. I have repaired the catalog and rebuilt it as well but I still get the following errors half way through the operation. It doesn't just happen during a grooming phase but also on simple backups. Thanks


Grooming Backup Set TBT2 MWF, optimizing for storage...

[*] MacVLoc::VolRDiskGetFileStart: file(AC020666.rdb) header signature invalid 0x0 [*] MacVLoc::VolRDiskGetFileStart: file(AC020666.rdb) make count invalid 0 [*] MacVLoc::VolRDiskGetFileStart: file(AC020666.rdb) header invalid, err error -2,241 (Catalog File invalid/damaged) [*] ---grxLogFlush: found segment "AC020639.rdb" that was not in "rdb_del.log", error -1,101 (file/directory not found) [*] ---grxLogFlush: found segment "AC020659.rdb" that was not in "rdb_del.log", error -1,101 (file/directory not found)
Groomed 18.1 MB from Media Set TBT2 MWF.
Grooming Media Set TBT2 MWF failed, error -2,241 (Catalog File invalid/damaged)
You must recreate the Backup Set's Catalog File.
See the Retrospect User's Guide or online help for details on recreating Catalog Files.
10/12/2016 06:07:41: Finished scanning backup set data files
!Catalog File out of sync with Media Set "TBT2 MWF".
10/12/2016 06:07:49: Execution incomplete
Remaining: 4,182 files, 102.7 GB
Completed: 0 files, 0 B
Performance: 0 MB/minute
Duration: 04:10:27 (04:07:37 idle/loading/preparing)

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You are not telling us what you want to do.


The easiest way to get rid of the problem is performing a "recycle" backup. You would, of course, lose all your backups from that media set. So if this is your only backup, you should improve your backup strategy. :)


This may be a large media set, so it would take too much time to recycle.

I would start by moving the file AC020666.rdb out from the media set. (I would NOT trash it.) Then recreate the catalog file (not just rebuild).

​If that fails, I would remove the files AC020639.rdb and AC020659.rdb.  (I would NOT trash them.) Then recreate the catalog file (not just rebuild).


If this works through a complete cycle (or two) of backups and grooming, THEN I could trash the offending files.

The source files stored in these files have by then been backed up again (provided they still exists on the source).

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Thanks for a quick reply. May I just clarify what you mean by 'recreate' the catalog file. I can't see any command that would do this other than repair - or have I missed something - Retrospect 13.5 

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