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Backup Files destroyed?

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After having back upped my machines for a number of years using Retrospect 8.5, i recently started removing some old unneeded snapshots in order to save space.

That went well for one machine, but on the other machine i now see errors that i can not recover from. The point here also was, that the NAS target device once shut down during operation by its timetable.


So i now tried several times to recreate or repair the Catalog using the according function in Retrospect 8.5 and i also repeated this with a evaluation of 11.5.


But still i get many errors like:

        Fehlerhafter Backup-Set-Vorspann: 0xa573d3c7 at 662.585.085.952
        Die für die Datei "xyz..." generierte MD5-Prüfsumme stimmt nicht mit der gespeicherten überein.

which google translates to:

        Incorrect backup set header: 0xa573d3c7 at 662.585.085.952
        The MD5 checksum generated for the file "xyz" does not match the stored values.


Hundreds of the first message, and about 10 from the second one.

What can be possible done here?

And how deep is the damage?

I made some tests and still i can search for and recover various files.


Thanks a lot for answers.




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My personal experience is that when such an operation on a backup set is interrupted the backupset itself gets damaged beyond repair.


You could try to transfer the backup to a new backup set and see how far you get.

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