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extremely slow restore

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I'm seeing 3MB/min restore times from Retrospect 7.6 Single Server to a Windows 10 client. I tried upgrading the Retrospect client from 7.6 to 7.7 (this worked when I was having similar trouble with a Mac restore), but still getting the slow restore time.


Backups are nice and fast. No errors on any of the disks, server or client. And the client in this case is a SSD.


I've run into this problem once before, also with a Windows 10 client, so I have a feeling I know what the answer is. I realize Retrospect 7.6 is a dinosaur, but I haven't had any trouble... until now, of course :)


Any suggestions for getting this restore to go through? I'm looking at 50GB of data.





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I'm not surprised you are having problems. Windows 10 is not supported on Retrospect 7.6 (or 7.7).


You could try a Retrospect client that is supported on Windows 10. But I don't know if your server will work with that client software.


I would invest in a new version of Retrospect, a version that is supported on Windows 10. That is the only way to avoid (more) problems.

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Thanks, Lennart. I figured out the problem: it wasn't with Retrospect, nor with Windows 10, but with a setting on the network card. Specifically, the "quality of service packet scheduler" was enabled. Once I disabled that, everything worked fine. It took me a long time to get there, but now I get to keep Retrospect 7.6 a bit longer! :)

Does anyone here understand why the QOS Packet Scheduler was causing problems? This is enabled by default on every workstation in our office running several different versions of Windows to no ill effect.

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