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ArcDisk::arcExportSessionFileTo: failed to create "*.session" error

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Since I upgraded from Retrospect 8 to Retrospect 11 (for Windows) I have been seeing errors in my log files:-


ArcDisk::arcExportSessionFileTo: failed to create "AA131168449483580000.session" (28/08/2016 08:02:28): error -1101 (file/directory not found)

ArcDisk::RDExportSessionFiles: failed to save session tree 28/08/2016 08:02:28 error -1101 (file/directory not found)


- although Retrospect reports "Execution completed successfully"


I have read the post "".session" files stored alongside ".rdb" files new to Retrospect v13?", and I understand from this that .session files are a new feature in Retrospect.


I am backing up to a NAS drive (WD My Book Live Duo). I have checked the backup folders on the drive, and there are no .session files there.


My main question is: do I need to do anything about this? Beyond this, why am I receiving these errors? I installed Retrospect, and just continued with my existing backups. Should I have done something different?

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