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<NOT APPLICABLE MARKER> appearing instead of size, breaking script

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I've got a script backing up to a cloud media set.  Been working great since Retrospect 13 was released.


However we had an unclean shutdown of the server yesterday and since then <NOT APPLICABLE MARKER> has been appearing instead of the file size and this is killing the script.


Any ideas what to check ?


+ Normal backup using Homes at 25/08/2016, 12:23:47 PM (Activity Thread 1)

To Backup Set SAN-HOME...
- 25/08/2016 12:23:47 PM: Copying UserHomes
25/08/2016 12:31:28 PM: Found: 2169632 files, 117524 folders, 1.8 TB
25/08/2016 12:31:45 PM: Finished matching
25/08/2016 12:32:30 PM: Copying: 2958 files (<NOT APPLICABLE MARKER>) and 0 hard links
#Can't add that much data to Media Set
(limited to 976.6 TB)
25/08/2016 12:32:48 PM: Execution incomplete
Remaining: 2,958 files, <NOT APPLICABLE MARKER>
Completed: 0 files, 0 B
Performance: 0 MB/minute
Duration: 00:09:00 (00:08:38 idle/loading/preparing)


Previously a log from a working backup would look like 


+ Normal backup using Homes at 24/08/2016, 10:00:01 AM (Activity Thread 1)

To Backup Set SAN-HOME...
- 24/08/2016 10:00:01 AM: Copying UserHomes
Using Instant Scan
24/08/2016 10:00:22 AM: Found: 2163258 files, 117135 folders, 1.8 TB
24/08/2016 10:00:47 AM: Finished matching
24/08/2016 10:01:30 AM: Copying: 6 files (528 KB) and 0 hard links
24/08/2016 10:02:20 AM: Building Snapshot...
24/08/2016 10:02:20 AM: Checking 117,135 folders for ACLs or extended attributes
24/08/2016 10:07:05 AM: Finished copying 117,135 folders with ACLs or extended attributes
24/08/2016 10:07:46 AM: Copying Snapshot: 2 files (663.6 MB)
24/08/2016 10:09:01 AM: Snapshot stored, 663.6 MB
24/08/2016 10:09:36 AM: Execution completed successfully
Completed: 6 files, 528 KB
Performance: 0.3 MB/minute
Duration: 00:09:35 (00:08:16 idle/loading/preparing)

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Ok, I've had to wait for some other backups to complete before doing this but I've performed a clean restart of the server and the retrospect engine.  Unfortunately nothing has changed though and the script is still failing exactly the same way.


In the past I would've just deleted this script and re-made it, however I want to avoid having to send all this data to AWS as a new media set (and incur charges for the extra PUTS and storage).




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I suggest you open a case with Retrospect support. Link at the very top right of this page.


(This is just a user-to-user forum.)

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