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what to do with old clients?

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I've been using Retrospect Server to backup and restore some 30 clients for many years now. Generally, when I need to restore to new hardware (for example, if the old computer died and we bought a new computer for the employee), I will install our base set of software (including Retrospect Client) on the new computer, then just restore files to it. I don't bother with disaster recovery or anything. It's just easier to restore the files in our situation.


Anyway, one thing that has always bothered me a bit is that, at the end of this process, we have two clients in our backup set: old-computer and new-computer. Once we start backing up new-computer, we basically have duplicate clients. I don't want to forget the old client yet in case we need to restore files from an old snapshot.


Is there a way when restoring files to tell Retrospect server, "this old client and this new client are the same, so merge them and don't duplicate backups?"

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Forgetting the old client will not stop you from restoring the old files backed up from that client.

So just forget the old client.

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