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"Completing restore" won't quit

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During a Restore, after Retrospect has copied the requisite files, it then works on "Completing restore." My assumption is that this operation, for which there is no public documentation (c'mon Retrospect, Inc.), and which can go on for quite some time, is probably restoring file and folder metadata.


Because this process is lengthy, there is the distinct possibility that a client computer goes to sleep or is disconnected from the network during the "Completing restore" phase. (It's happened to us a couple of times.) Unfortunately, there appear to be nothing in Retrospect that is designed to recognize or handle this kind of exception; it will blithely say it's "Completing restore," apparently forever until the engine is stopped, long after there is no longer any response from the other end of the line.


Thus far, our users haven't experienced any noticeable issues after their "Completing restore" operations were interrupted. However, I consider Retrospect's inability to deal with this issue a pretty significant lack. 

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