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Major upgrade / restore individual tape in set

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We have got an old Backup-set with over 80 tapes, LTO2 and LTO3 and bought a new tape loader....(that is LTO6).

But we also have an old single drive LTO3. We don´t have diskspace to restore the complete set. 


My plan is to restore not the set but the tape it self. Is there some way to restore all the content of a Tape instead of a set?

If not, does anybody have a good idea how I can solve my problem, to restore around 87 tapes to a 3TB disk. The transfer it all to new LTO6 media?


The current version is Retrospect 7 Multi server, but we will upgrade to the latest version in the process.

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If you can have both tape stations connected at the same time, you can use "Transfer Backup set". (I think the used of two tape drives requires the "Advanced tape support" add-on.)

If you don't want the entire backup set, use "Transfer snapshot(s)". You don't have to transfer all the wanted snapshots in one go. You can always transfer more snapshots later.



If you can't have both tape stations connect at the same time, you can do a two-step operation. (This might be desirable anyway, since the LTO 6 drives don't have to wait for data from the slower  LTO2/3 tapes.)

Create a disk backup set on the 3 TB disk.

Do a "Transfer snapshots" to the disk backup set. Create a new tape backup set for use with LTO 6 tapes. Transfer all the snapshots from the disk backup set to the new tape backup set. Recycle the disk backup set. Repeat with more snapshots until you are done.

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