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Version 10.5.0(110) - After reloading, says all clients have "Incompatible Version" - SOLVED

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I reloaded 10.5.0 (110) on to my file server due to lockups and reboots that were occurring after Retrospect ran after midnight. The Win7 Event Viewer showed problems with Retrospect - missing files or something like that. It had a recommendation to reinstall.


After reinstalling, all the backup sets were still there, along with licenses, so I brought up the clients to run a test for communication and all three had errors - "512 - Client has incompatible version."  All the clients have version 10.5.0(110) and there were minimal problems with backups prior to reinstalling.


I tried rebooting all computers, and on one system I reinstalled the the client and rebooted, etc. Still same error message.


I've tried running the client "Test" function using direct IP address - same message.


Has anybody seen anything like this?





Turns out when I reinstalled version 10, I installed 10.0.0 - so the message was correct - incompatible versions. I had forgotten that I used the built-in update feature to update the program. Used that feature again to get the version correct - 10.5.0



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