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Retrospect 12 Tape Rebuild - Revert back to previous tape retrospect skipped

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I am currently in the middle of rebuilding a number of catalogues for use within the newest retrospect.  The system used is a tape based system and now within a certain media set retrospect seems to have skipped over tape 17 of this showing 0GB used.  I have continued on with the rebuild but now seem to have no way in going back to tape 17 for it to repair the catalogue and rebuild everything on that tape.


My question simply, Is there a way around this other than starting the media set rebuild again? Is there a way to jump back to this individual tape and repair it correctly.



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How did you perform the catalogue rebuild? Did you use Fast Catalogue Rebuild, where all you need to do is insert the last tape member? (You would have needed to have set up the media set in advance to take advantage of this option.)


What Retrospect version was the original catalogue created in? Why were you trying to rebuild the catalogue for the "newest" version? Did this member (#17) appear to have contents when listed in the applicable earlier version? (And BTW, member #16 seems unusually small compared to the adjacent tapes.)


I would first confirm that there are no problems in communication between the Retrospect Engine and the Console. Try stopping and restarting the Engine to see if the listing changes.


I would then perform a new catalogue rebuild using just member #17 (or perhaps #16 as well). Before you do so, drag the existing catalogue to the desktop so you don't overwrite it, and also have Retrospect forget the media set by clicking "Remove" in the media sets window. If these tapes still show small or zero contents, that would suggest that something is wrong with the tapes themselves,


I don't know any way for Retrospect to rescan an earlier tape member that it already knows about. If there is actual contents on that tape member, I think you will need to rebuild the entire catalogue. If you did use Fast Catalogue Rebuild, I would try performing the rebuild with an earlier member than you used before, and then perform a catalogue repair to add the subsequent members.

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