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You can not start retrospect, error -802

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Using Version on windows 2008 R2 Standard x64bits.


I can't open the aplication, get the error:


"You can't start retrospect.
Unable to load the configuration, rror -802 (typed-space is corrupt)

You found version 0x0008, the one expected 0x0350."


Thanks in advanced.


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It looks like your configuration file is corrupt.

Try restoring it from a backup.



It used to be found in this folder, it might still be the same in your version of Windows:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect

It’s named config00.dat and a backup file is called config00.bak (where 00 is your Retrospect version number).

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Retrospect 10.5 on Windows uses 'config77.dat' located in the 'C:\ProgramData\Retrospect' folder. Also in thos folder is 'configs.xml' which contains a backup of the current configuration.


If you delete 'config77.dat' and then start Retrospect the configuration will be rebuilt from the 'configs.xml' file. If this does not fix the problem then delete both files but you will now have to rebuild your configuration from scratch.

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The log extract contains what looks like debug information which would not normally appear in the log. Have you specifically changed the logging level?


If you have not changed the logging level this could indicate that the Retrospect installation itself has become corrupted.


The logging level is controlled by entries in the 'C:\ProgramData\Retrospect\retro.ini' file. The default values, which are in the [Options] section, are listed below:


Which edition (Multi-server, Single-server, Desktop) of Retrospect are you using?

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