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Can I run Desktop Edition Console and Engine on separate machines?

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Monday morning I phoned A. of Retrospect tech support about another matter.  I then asked whether, using my $119 Desktop Edition of Retrospect, I could run a Retrospect Engine on multiple computers or run the Console app on a different computer than my Engine. I told him I was simply curious, and have no intention of actually trying to do either of those things. A. said—after he finally understood my question— that neither is allowed with the Desktop Edition, and that I would need a $659 Single Server 20 Workstation Clients Edition to do so. I therefore conclude that the Retrospect Mac 12.5 Desktop Edition has been crippled by licensing to externally look like Retrospect up through Mac 6—in which what later became the Console was merely the same-process UI for what later became the Engine. I'm sure Retrospect Inc. does so in order to be able to sell cheaply to little dogs like me without underpricing its products sold to the big dogs.


Could I in fact do what A. says I can't?  B)

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