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Needn't open port 497 for Retrospect 12—why say you must?

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Monday morning I phoned Retrospect Inc. tech support and spoke to A.. I told him I had run several backup scripts since closing port 497 on my router—including a 7.5-hour "Sat. Backup" Recycle Media Set backup on Saturday, and asked why he had told me last July that it was necessary to open port 497 on an Internet router connected to a LAN with no internal firewalls. It took A. nearly five minutes to concede that it is not necessary to open port 497 in this case, but he didn't explain why he continues to tell other users to open the port. 

I consider A. a manual component of the Retrospect 12 system. :D   Retrospect Inc. should "fix" his "bug" so he doesn't give out incorrect information to users.

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