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Run Retrospect in Background Unattended

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Ok...I have been waiting since I was using Windows XP for the unattended (automatic) backup feature to work again. As far as I can tell it still doesn't and I can't find anything in the recent posts in the forums on this topic. I have several backup scripts scheduled, but when I launch retrospect after using the computer for several nights during which backups should have been running, there are no backups logged. The last time I remember this working was in Win XP. I am running Windows 10 Pro and Retrospect To get my scheduled backups to run I have to login and manually launch Retrospect. The screen capture of the History window shows no backup activity for  4-6 Feb when the PC was used each of those days.


In the Preferences/Startup menu I have the following options selected:



Enable Retrospect Launcher service

Automatically launch Retrospect



Always run Retrospect as the specified user (I have a separate Admin account for Retrospect to use).


I pay good money for this software. Why do I STILL have to launch it manually? :angry:





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I've done a little experimenting with running Retrospect unattended. The only way I got it to work was to select the "Run Retrospect as the logged-in user". By default this will cause Retrospect to be run as the local System account. Retrospect wouldn't run in the background when "Always run Retrospect as the specified user" was selected (seems like it should but it wouldn't work for me).


To get it to run as a user who was not System I did the following:

1. I set up another user, added that user to the Administrators Group and to the Backup Operators Group.

2. I changed the Retrospect services (Retrospect Helper, Retrospect Instant Scan, and Retrospect Launcher) to use this account as their logon account. I had to restart these services so the new logon was used.


With this setup retrospect will run unattended and run under the specified user's account. The only problem I'm having (which I have mentioned in another post to this forum) is that when Retrospect runs in the background the email fails to send.My setup has Retrospect 10.5 Desktop running on Windows 10 Pro (64-bit version).

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The inability of Retrospect to send notification e-mails may be a result of the security model used by Windows 10. Windows XP saw little difference between applications that were running in the foreground (launched by the user) and background (launched automatically, not by the user). From Vista onwards Microsoft has increasingly put restrictions on what background applications can do.

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