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Retrospect 12.5 engine errors on OS update restarts

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The past several times I've performed Apple software updates that require a reboot, the Retrospect 12.5 engine has come back up in a condition that is not fully operational. The problems have typically included absent data for one or more media sets and a failure to recognize the correct tape in our LTO drive. 


Stopping and restarting the engine has always fixed these problems, but I have to remember to do this, or scheduled backups will not be performed.


I've encountered this problem only after restarts that are part of updates made via the App Store; if I manually reboot, Retrospect engine always seems to launch and behave properly.

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Yeah -- I saw this with the 10.11.3 delta upgrade as well (I reported this to Robin...)   In my case, the proactive backup scripts never ran *until* a scheduled groom script ran a few days after the upgrade -- then everything started working again.

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