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Data Compression turned itself on?

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I'm a bit confused as to what just happened, but in my last backup the Data Compression was switched on as in the screen shot attached. However it is turned off as an option in the script and neither has it ever before been 'on' looking at my previous logs for this script.

Any ideas as to how it could have turned on?




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Does the Operations Log for that particular backup also indicate a percentage of compression? Is there any possibility that that backup was performed by a different script?

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The log file shows 0% compression and the script was definitely the same one.

I got the following response from retrospect customer support:


"The item that says "compression on" is a cosmetic bug and it doesn't mean that traditional data compression is turned on.

You are using block level incremental backup, and that is a different type of data compression. The log will show compression values when using that feature."


Still not sure why this only happened now.

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